Is it ok to put a new flat roof over an old one?

Installing a new roof over an existing one can only be done if you have shingles because you can only put shingles on top of the shingles. It is not possible to mix materials, or to install a new layer on slate or wooden tiles. Most homeowners want to know if it's possible to put a new roof over an old one. You can place new shingles on top of existing shingles that are in good condition.

There are many perfectly legitimate reasons to consider placing a new roof over an old roof. Convenience and cost are the two most important, and it makes sense. Without having to tear off the old roof, wouldn't it be a much easier and cheaper process to install a new roof? A new roof is potentially an option when you have an asphalt tile roof. While it's generally advisable to have your old roof ripped off and completely replaced, if you have a single coat, it's possible.

In addition, there are other variables, such as the current status of shingles. If they are curled or don't lie flat, it can be difficult to install them. The industry makes special specifications when roofing, so make sure you can trust and trust that your roofer will do the job properly. In general, it is best to tear off the old roof, but in many cases a roof is a very acceptable option.

In fact, in my experience, the vast majority of single-layer flat roofs receive adaptive treatment. When it comes to finding a local roofing contractor you can trust, not all roofers behave the same way. Don't make this decision on your own, especially since each city and county applies their own unique roofing codes. An additional layer of shingles will add more weight to your roof, since the shingles weigh between 350 and 450 pounds per square.

Several factors can cause curly shingles to exist; therefore, it is advisable to involve a professional roofer to determine the cause and replace the shingle before proceeding to a new roof. A “flat roof” is installed at a very subtle angle to make it appear flat, but it actually contains a slight slope. It's almost always best to start from scratch with a new base for your new roof rather than reattaching the roof. However, re-roofing involves installing a new roof on the old roof; therefore, there will be no start-up costs.

The most direct reason your roof can't qualify for a new roof is when it doesn't have asphalt shingles. While most building codes allow a maximum of two roof layers, some local codes do not allow multiple roof layers. An overlap roof can also serve as a “red flag” for homebuyers if they choose to put their home on the market. While you may naturally think that your leaks are due to old shingles, they could be due to numerous things, such as roof vents, flashings, or rotting roofing.

So, if your roof was designed to support a roof layer, you're probably overloading it with a new roof. Two roofers gave me similar proposals to superimpose a new modified bitumen roof over the old one by means of a torch.