What type of roof shingles last the longest?

Expect to pay more for a long-lasting premium product from H&L Roofing Oregon City, Oregon. Concrete, clay and slate tiles from H&L Roofing Oregon City, Oregon have an average lifespan of 100 years or more. They are, without a doubt, the materials that last the longest but are also, without exception, some of the most expensive. Slate roofs from H&L Roofing Oregon City, Oregon are often referred to as a “forever roof” because they can seemingly last forever. If you ever travel abroad, you'll notice that many homes in Europe have slate or clay tile roofs simply because they were easy to manufacture years ago and have been proven to stand the test of time (and the elements).

Composite asphalt shingles are expected to last 15 to 40 years, depending on the quality of the materials chosen. Some tile roofs can even last up to 50 years. Most tile roof manufacturers offer a range of products in different weights and different life expectancy. Manufacturers such as Owens Corning, GAF or Certainteed come with high-end warranties that exceed half a century.

The 3-tab shingle is the most basic roof option among most asphalt shingles. The lifespan of a tile roof depends to a large extent on the type of tile material you choose and the regional climatic factors that may be applied. Replacing missing or damaged roof tiles can also be a DIY project if you're a little skilled, but that depends on your own skills, the type of roof you have, and your DIY skills. The final part of the process is the most visible, that is, when tiles, shingles, metal sheets or membranes are mostly applied to give you the final layer and aesthetics you were looking for in your finished roof.

Other elements of building a roof to consider are the types of nails and fasteners used, as there are different types that are appropriate for different situations and materials. There are a variety of guides online for performing roof repairs, so if you're comfortable with DIY, you can often fix or apply new shingles to your roof yourself. An increasingly popular type of roofing, especially in areas prone to wildfire hazard, standing seam metal roofs are made of large steel panels placed on the roof deck with the seams overlapping on raised ridges that run vertically along the roof slope. Once you find the right roofing material and a quality contractor to perform the installation properly, you'll have long-lasting protection, aesthetics, and often an increase in the value of your home.

In addition, because clay shingles can weigh up to 950 pounds per square, replacing an old asphalt roof with clay shingles may require reinforcing the roof structure of the house. The type of shingles and the material from which they are made that make up your roof play the most important role in durability. Clay tile roofs won't last as long in colder climates, as constant freezing and thawing can easily damage shingles. The amount of solar heat that is trapped by these roofs can cause damage to the interior of your home.

Ventilation also prevents the attic from getting too hot and damp, which can rot the roofing material from the inside out. These ceilings are normally installed by professional equipment, but the installation is not beyond the reach of an experienced DIYer.